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The Internet is a valuable resource in the home buying or selling process. Here are some personal suggestions to help you on the road to success!

I've searched the Internet and compiled a list of resources I think will be helpful as you set out to buy or sell a home. Please take some time to browse. And feel free to contact me any time with questions or suggestions. I'd love to hear from you!

Be sure to mention Jean Medland so that the folks I refer you too know to take extra special care or risk losing my referrals!



We generally recommend that buyers work with a broker instead of going directly to a bank. Rates are often better through brokers, who provide services with no additional charge to the borrower. At least get a second quote from a broker. Getting a mortgage directly from a lending institutions, such as credit unions, can offer excellent rates and local service. And you may have a long relationship with your bank that can work in your favour. Which option is best? Again, shop around. Brokers generally access the same lenders and can offer the same products and rates, so the best broker is largely the one that gives you the best service and with whom you feel most comfortable

Paul Daniels

Mortgage Development Manager

250.686.8306 F 250.386.1141

Vancity Savings Credit Union

Chelsey Taporowski
Direct: 250-516-0500
Toll free fax: 1-866-589-8641
Email: ctap@mortgagegroup.com


Cori McCaw

Clients we work with often start with their bank or credit union but we suggest you speak with a mortgage broker to ensure independent adivice about your long term mortgage product! Ask about insurance too.


Check out the list below and remember - get at least three quotes and ask about bundling services in case you have any business or estate services that might need tidying up!


Peter Demeo

Craig P. Fuchs B.A., B.B.A., L.L.B.

Lawyer & Notary Public

687 Oliver Street

Victoria, BC  V8S 4W2

Tel (250) 891-4690

Fax (250) 483-1563


Dawson Mullin

Barrister & Solicitor

Dawson Mullin Law 
102-1497 Admirals Road 
Victoria, BC  V9A 2P8 
(250) 590-1154

Fax: (866) 434-2053

Mobile: (250) 589-5006 



We suggest getting three quotes and asking about insurance coverage. We have heard good things about Swain Movers, Bekins Movers and Greaves Moving and Storage.


Check out the BBB link here to see a full list of members:





We are often asked to provide names of reputable individuals in various fields. 

The names here are provided as a service to our clients only.

Be sure to mention Jean Medland so that the folks I refer you too know to take extra special care or risk losing my referrals!


We receive no compensation for listing names here or for any work performed by these parties for our clients.


Be assured that the names provided here are of people who in our experience are highly reputable and we have had direct verification of this or in the case of some of the consultants are specialists who have come to our attention by way of referral from colleagues of theirs, who we trust.


If you have any compliments or complaints regarding anyone listed here please advise us so we can evaluate and update the list.

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